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Digital Raven

Reginald D Hunter - Trophy Nigga (4.5/5)

Reginald D Hunter - Trophy Nigga
Pleasance Grand, 20:00

Reginald D Hunter is a bit of an anomaly for British audiences: a black American comedian. Most people are used to black British comedians like Stephen K Amos, who bring their sociocultural experiences by way of the Caribbean, rather than the American South. Reginald D Hunter blows that wide open. His show obviously covers race—a topic close to his own heart—but goes off into politics, discrimination, privilege, the differences between Britain and America ("Britain is where white people come from. It's like Africa for white people."), and more besides.

His material, dealing as it does with areas of discrimination and privilege, isn't going to be a hit with everyone (though even the one Tory voter present in the audience when I was present laughed along with everyone else). As a whole, it felt closer to the bone than perhaps people would expect from the current crop of TV-staple comedians who fill the vacancies on Mock the Week and Have I Got News For You. But it's close to the bone because that's the only way to get across the underlying message of the show.

Some bits didn't hit home, and some bits hit too close—though for each audience, which bits in particular will differ—and that's enough to drop half a point but I still thoroughly enjoyed the evening and can recommend it unreservedly.
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