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The Scat Pack - Lights! Camera Action!

Lights! Camera! Improvise! is an improv comedy show in which the cast act a film (straight to DVD, of course) based on a genre, title and location suggested by the audience.  There is a twist to this simple set-up; one of the troupe is not part of the film but takes the role of commentator/director/watcher.  He rewinds bits that weren't good enough, calls out extra challenges for the cast; and freezes the action at key moments to comment on the acting.  This combinations works well; an hour would be too long for a single improv piece without the commentator but with this addition there are opportunities for humour beyond the storyline.

The format makes a change from the usual improv sketch format and was just as funny.   When we saw them, the film was a gangster movie called "Steve and the Meat Products" that began in a library.  At one point we were asked to suggest an award that the film should be made to qualify for; the suggestion of "best tap dance" was chosen but the cast didn't manage to rise to that one.

I'm curious to know how much of the material they repeat in each performance, as there is clearly scope for keeping some of the jokes from night to night.

The show is on C Chambers St at 7.15.
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