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Mitch Benn (5/5)

Mitch Benn
Stand III, 15:00

A familiar voice to listeners of Radio 4's The Now Show, Mitch Benn has been described as "The country's leading musical satirist", and I have to agree with them. Back on the Fringe with a solo show for the first time in twelve years, he's got a guitar and an iPhone, and he's not afraid to use both.

Mitch is an unashamed geek, and he's happy to spend some of the show talking about Star Trek and Doctor Who alongside taking deadly aim at such topics as celebrity adoptions, weight loss, the Eurovision song contest, the need for people to have a "theme" in their Fringe shows, and the pretentious bastards who claim that Shakespeare would be writing Eastenders. Fans will already know where that last comment leads, but this version has a twist even for people who have seen Mitch touring with The Distractions: it's a one-man show, but it's still done live. And yes, the show climaxes with the absolutely fantastic Proud of the BBC. He's managed to avoid the pitfalls of the long-term comic—focusing on getting old or becoming a parent—though he's happy to use that as a preamble to a room-dividing gag that references James Bond and Total Recall.

His runs ends on the fourteenth, and tickets are selling fast. You've got a week to go see one of the funniest men to ever hold a guitar. You owe it to yourself to go, he's a master of his form.
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