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Eric's Tales of the Sea (3/5)

Eric's Tales of the Sea: A Submariner's Yarn
Just The Tonic at the Caves, Cowgate, 3.10pm

Eric the ex-submariner tells us of life in a small steel tube with a lot of other men, run-ashores in Malta, fistfights 60 feet underwater, sharks, and just what you have to do to get a beer as a sixteen-year-old trainee. A lot of the jokes take a fair amount of buildup while he explains necessary submariners' jargon. The payoff is usually worth it, but he spends the first ten minutes of the set apologizing for the pace it's going to go at. If he was a bit more confident in his own jokes the show would flow better.

Time Out gave the show four stars last year. I'm giving it three. The jokes are good, and the show is funny, but overall it's an amusing diversion rather than something to rave about.

I'm tempted to give his other show—Eric's Laws of the Land— a try, but I'm glad that I got the tickets for this one at half-price.

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