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Digital Raven

Stephen K Amos - The Best Medicine (4/5)

Stephen K Amos - The Best Medicine
Pleasance Courtyard, 21:40

Stephen K Amos returns with a new show and some new ideas. While last year he strutted on accompanied by dancing girls and ended the show with a song from a plant in the audience, this year he's late to the stage—but he's got a note from his mum.

The show has a tighter focus: growing up, growing old, and the differences between childhood assumptions and reality. This is a mixed blessing, the show benefits from the more personal theme, but part of me was disappointed that the show trod familiar comedy ground. Every comic who turns 40 feels a need to talk about the differences between their childhood and the present. The jokes and delivery make up for a lot—and make it an enjoyable night—but I'm not sure that this is really him at his best. I was at a preview showing, which had issues (mostly to do with the show beforehand overrunning by far too long) but the final result looks to be good.

Well worth going to see a genuinely funny man.
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