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Hans Teeuwen / The Late Late Show / Bane

My first show of the year was a little disappointing. Hans Teeuwen had a lot of good reviews and I found a lot of his show reasonable funny. But nothing seemed to flow very well and somehow he never really seemed to build on a theme.

Somewhat disappointed I headed to the late late show with Paul Zenon and Mikelangelo. This a late night variety show and so is very dependant on the quality of the acts they get on the night. The night I was there was great, the wau wau sisters, Jav Jarquin - card ninja, Lynn Ruth Miller, tripod (and the dragon), simon munnery... All in all a very entertaining 2 hours. Paul Zenon and Miklangelo really play off of each other well and make the whole event move along most amusingly. The only downside to these type of events is they just add another few acts to the ever extending wish list, of shows I need to try to fit in.

Sunday early evening, I made my way to the GRV to see Bane on the FivePoundFringe. This was a sell out show last year that I managed to miss. I am very happy to have not missed it again this year. It was a thrilling hour. Joe Bone ably supported by a wonderful guitarist Ben Roe take us through the seedy world of film noire all parts and special effects played by Joe Bone. Bane is energetically and convincingly performed and the story is well paced and very very funny. I can't wait for the next instalment Bane 2.

Next up tonight Soap! and the Crack.
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