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Frisky and Mannish: The College Years (5/5)

Frisky and Mannish: The College Years
Cowgate Underbelly, 21:00

I was an avid student of the Frisky and Mannish School of Pop last year, so the chance to further my education was one that I simply could not pass up. Naturally, as with any higher curriculum, this syllabus is a lot tighter in focus—Pop Dialetics, particularly the Collision Theory. What this boils down to is F&M reducing pop songs to their base elements and demonstrating which other songs have the same genetic structure, with often brilliant results.

In other words, it's a riot of pop music comedy featuring two very talented singers jumping madly between different songs. Unlike other acts of musical comedy, which generally twist a song into a joke, F&M tease humour from the interrelations between songs. Both their musical talent and their ability to find these comedic musical links is simply sublime.

Graduates of the School of Pop will be glad to know that the Lily Allen/Noel Coward pair return to take another stab at each others' songs (and mannerisms), though no knowledge of the earlier show is required in order to have a bloody good time.

Frisky and Mannish have taken the best bits of School of Pop, and refined the ideas in a way that is both genius (the Radiohead dance remix) and hilarious (the playground nature of the duet).

It's worth mentioning that the School of Pop returns for one night only to the Fringe on Thursday, though tickets are (understandably) going fast. If you've ever listened to pop music, and if you have a soul, you will love both of F&M's shows.

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