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Edinburgh Festivals

the city goes crazy in August

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This is a community about the Edinburgh festivals. It doesn't matter whether you have ever attended a festival event or been in Edinburgh - if you're interested, you're welcome to join us.

This community has so far existed quite happily with only slight moderation; here are some guidelines to keep it that way.

Please lj-cut long reviews (more than a couple of paragraphs) and all images. If your post is a long list of short reviews, an lj-cut would also be appreciated. If you don't know how to cut entries, the FAQ page about LJ cuts will tell you everything you need to know about it.

Things you are encouraged to post:
- Reviews of shows. One of the reasons this community was started was to offer a place to say 'I loved this, but that was not so great'.
- Advertisements for your own shows. In general, one post about each show is sufficient; more than one post will be considered spamming the community unless there's a very specific reason for reposting (an extension of the run, a special deal on tickets, winning a Fringe First award, etc.).
- Any discussion on festival events, venues, programmes, and general goings-on.
- Notifications about events that are not run by an organized festival, but which are otherwise festival-like in and around Edinburgh. As you can see from the list below, festival season is getting to be pretty much all year round in these parts.
- Requests for or sales of tickets (including notification of eBay sales). Please don't post more than once to sell your tickets. If you can't sell them and want to give them away free, then go ahead and repost.

Things you are politely requested not to post:
- Promotions for club nights. Yes, even if they are taking place in Edinburgh in August. There are better communities for this (try alt_edinburgh).
- Requests/advertisements for festival-time housing. This is simply because the community isn't all that large, and you're far more likely to get a response on the edinburgers community, where people may well be interested in housing even if they're not tuned in to the festivals.

I used to keep a full listing of festivals and links to their webpages, but gave this up on account of Being Real Busy. If anyone wishes to compile such a list and put it in basic html, I would be exceedingly grateful.

The user icon was created by randomchris - thanks!